Average IPA Placement Fee

Currently, the average IPA placement fee for 2018 is just over $25,000 which is then split 50-50 between the two members involved with no commission paid to the network.

Whether you would be a placer of candidates, a supplier of candidates or both in the network, the added revenue of just one split placement would far outweigh the annual membership investment.  This extra income would be in addition to the lasting relationships that are built from participating and engaging with other independent recruiters across the country.

Have you thought about how networking and making split placements could improve your recruiting firm’s bottom line and your own personal success?

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an IPA network member and how you, too, can add split placements to your business model – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/membership.php.

Milestone IPA Member Anniversary

IPA recently had the honor and privilege of recognizing a long-standing member for her recruiting agency’s 30th anniversary as part of the network family.  You read that right…30 years!!!   She joined IPA back on September 1, 1988.  What a wonderful milestone!

The IPA recruiter network has been around since 1972 — 46 years of successful recruiter networking and split placements thanks to its loyal and dedicated members.

Each year the network proudly recognizes and congratulates members who celebrate milestone IPA anniversaries.  This year we have announced or will be announcing members marking 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, 25-year, and 30-year IPA anniversaries.

Those members celebrating 25-year network anniversaries become part of our elite IPA Quarter Century Club to mark their outstanding achievement.  IPA is very proud of how this select club has grown in numbers over the years!

Want to be part of a long-standing ethical network that recognizes the milestones and achievements of its members?  Check out becoming a member of IPA – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/membership.php.

Barb Bruno Training Webinar

On August 21, IPA offered a complimentary training webinar to its network members…’Solutions to What Keeps You Up At Night’ led by Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS – President of Good As Gold Training, Inc. and HR Search, Inc.  In that session, Barb shared a lot of excellent recruiting information and helpful tips.

Barb is a dynamic international speaker, trainer and author who enthusiastically shares her wealth of knowledge.   Her techniques are specific, easy to implement and proven successful.  Her passion is speaking at industry and corporate events where she teaches sales professionals, recruiters, managers and entrepreneurs how to be more effective and as a result more successful.  She has been the #1 rated Speaker at many national, state and corporate conferences in the US and abroad.

This was the third complimentary webinar IPA has arranged as a benefit of membership in the network since its annual convention was held back in February.  The previous two webinars were about legal topics and recruiting on social media.

Be sure to check out the complete list of membership benefits upon joining the IPA network – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/membership.php.

IPA Networking At Its Best

Being part of a split placement network is all about building relationships and working together with fellow affiliates.

IPA is pleased to announce that, in the month of July, two of our network members partnered to successfully close four (4) split placements together.  These two IPA members have built a long-standing and profitable partnership through their network participation over the past several years, but this is the first time they have attained such an outstanding level of split placement activity with each other in only one month.

These placements included…

  • VP Human Resources
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Plant Manager
  • HR Manager

Since placements in the network are split 50-50 between the two recruiting firms involved, with no commission to IPA,  each one of these members is receiving $53,312.50 for their exceptional efforts in making these four placements in July…a significant return on their investment in the network!

Added to their previous placements, so far this year these two members have partnered together for a total of six (6) splits in the IPA network.

This is truly networking at its best!

Learn more about the IPA network and how you, too, can build split-placement partnerships with other independent recruiters throughout the U.S. – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/about.php.

2018 IPA Highest Placement Fee Year to Date

IPA’s highest split fee so far this year was the placement of a VP Operations candidate between two IPA members for a total fee of $46,250.  This fee was then split 50-50 so each of them received $23,125 with no commission paid to IPA.

This is what networking is all about!

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an IPA network member and how you, too, can participate in split placements like this one – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/membership.php.

2018 IPA Convention Held in Dallas, TX

IPA members gathered together at the Crowne Plaza Dallas Near Galleria-Addison Hotel during the dates of February 22-23.  Convention attendees returned to their offices motivated and rejuvenated thanks to networking with fellow IPA affiliates and the training they received from Keynote Speakers Tricia Tamkin & Jason Thibeault of Moore eSSentials.

As is tradition in IPA, the 2017 top producing recruiters and agencies were recognized and presented with their awards during the Friday Awards Lunch.