October IPA Member Anniversaries

IPA is honored to be celebrating a number of membership anniversaries within the network during October.   This month these anniversaries range from 10, 17, 19 and 24 years all the way up to 31 years.

The 31-year milestone is for a recruiting firm that is now under 2nd generation leadership.  The father originally brought the agency into IPA membership.  Following the father’s retirement, we are proud to say the son continues to be a loyal IPA member as the next generation owner.  This happens to be just one example of 2nd generation ownership within IPA whether it’s within the same family or was transferred from an owner to a staff member.  However the change in ownership occurred, their IPA membership continues to be seen as a valuable business resource that the new owner has chosen to maintain as part of their present and future success.

The IPA recruiter network was founded in 1972 — 46 years of successful recruiter networking and split placements thanks to its loyal and dedicated members.

Would you like to be part of our long-standing ethical network that recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of its members?  Check out reviews from some of our IPA affiliates – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/testimonials.php.

Average IPA Placement Fee

Currently, the average IPA placement fee for 2018 is just over $25,000 which is then split 50-50 between the two members involved with no commission paid to the network.

Whether you would be a placer of candidates, a supplier of candidates or both in the network, the added revenue of just one split placement would far outweigh the annual membership investment.  This extra income would be in addition to the lasting relationships that are built from participating and engaging with other independent recruiters across the country.

Have you thought about how networking and making split placements could improve your recruiting firm’s bottom line and your own personal success?

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an IPA network member and how you, too, can add split placements to your business model – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/membership.php.