The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Passive Job Seekers

In today’s job market, with low unemployment and a vibrant economy, recruiters might find the best candidates for open positions by recruiting passive job seekers. Passive job seekers are the folks not actively looking for work. They are satisfied with their current roles. They can, however, be great candidates for your current clients if you can reach out to them.

Why are they great candidates? Well, because they offer a track record of being successful and happy at their current job. That’s attractive to employers, who want successful and content employees.

But recruiting passive job seekers can be challenging, just because they’re not actively looking. Here are some tips on how best to reach out to them.

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IPA Announces New Highest Split Placement Fee for 2018

The month of October saw many outstanding split placements being reported within the IPA recruiter network, but there is one that definitely stood out from all the rest.  It happens to be the new 2018 highest IPA split fee year to date.

It was the placement of a Senior Director of Operations for a total fee of $57,500!!!  The location of the placement was in New Jersey and involved IPA members located in Florida and California.  This is a great example of how networking with recruiters on a nationwide basis can be so rewarding and profitable!

In true IPA network fashion, this fee was then split 50-50 so each member received $28,750 with NO commission paid to IPA!

This is what recruiter networking is all about!

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IPA Offers Another Training Webinar as Benefit of Membership

On October 24, IPA offered its fourth complimentary training webinar to network members.  This session,  ‘No’ Really Means ‘Not Yet’ in Recruiting,  was also the second in a row led by Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS – President of Good As Gold Training, Inc. and HR Search, Inc.  True to her stellar reputation, Barb presented another outstanding session full of excellent recruiting information and helpful tips.  She even set aside time during the ‘live’ presentation for Q&A and provided members with an informative handout to go along with the webinar.

For those recruiters who weren’t able to attend the ‘live’ session, a link to the recording is always available via IPA’s members-only website.  In fact, links to the recordings of previous training webinars have been made available to IPA network members as well.

With IPA paying the cost of these webinars, these training sessions are FREE to attend or listen to at a later time so ALL network members are encouraged to take advantage of this great benefit of IPA membership!

Be sure to check out the complete list of membership benefits upon joining the IPA network –