How Promoting a Client’s Company Culture Can Help You Find More Candidates

Have you ever wondered how to get more candidates for job openings, or candidates more suited to the needs of your clients? It can be tough, especially in a market with very high employment, such as the one we’re currently in.

Ah, but there’s a secret weapon. It’s the company’s organizational culture. Culture is what determines whether a workplace is friendly and open or a place where everyone minds their own business. It can determine the degree of flexibility in a workday. It’s reflected in whether people would rather hike on the weekends or binge-watch television. If you create a “cool” culture in the working environment, your way ahead of the game!

You can potentially attract more candidates by focusing on a company’s culture. You’ll need to elicit aspects of the company’s culture from your clients, of course.

Here are three questions to focus on in building awareness of your company’s culture:

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3 Tips You Need to Know About Split Sharing

Split sharing, sometimes called split fee recruitment, is a valuable and productive model used in the staffing business. It’s a revenue-sharing model that builds the network of everyone involved. In split sharing, often one agency contracts recruitment out to other recruiters. The recruitment fee is then split between the recruiters and the agency.  This is one of the greatest benefits of being a member of IPA.  You share in the profits with a partnering agency.  Read our three tips below:

Here are three tips you need to know about split sharing.

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Networking Pays Off in Significant Monthly ROI

Receiving a positive ROI is usually the ultimate goal when making a business investment.  This is no different when being part of a recruiter network.  The goal is for you to make split placements to offset the cost.  In the IPA network, the investment is quite minimal so that the 50% earned from just one (1) split will make your total yearly outlay profitable.

We are excited to announce that, just in the month of October, one of our IPA members had an outstanding ROI on both her monthly and yearly investment having successfully closed three (3) split placements.  It’s great to see the networking involved since she partnered with three (3) different recruiting offices.

These placements included…

  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Director of Operations
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Since placements in the network are split 50-50 between the two recruiting firms involved, with no commission to IPA, this member is receiving $54,500 for her exceptional efforts in placing these three (3) candidates all in one month.  She also earned the honor of being IPA’s #1 Recruiter for October!

One of her October placements has also qualified as IPA’s Highest Placement Fee so far for 2018 with its full placement fee of $57,500!

This is truly networking at its best!

Learn more about the IPA network and how you, too, can build split-placement partnerships with other independent recruiters throughout the U.S. for a profitable ROI –