Texting While Hiring

Why recruit via text:
Texting is:

 People of all age ranges are familiar with texting. And texting doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Applications like WhatsApp and Viber regularly update their features to provide better text message experiences for their users.

Popular. Cold emails often end up in the spam folder or simply go unread. But, people tend to check their phones multiple times per day. With a 99% open rate, you can (almost) stop worrying about whether your potential candidates read your recruitment messages.

Quick. Tools like Google Voice allow you to send texts from your desktop. You can also use voice dictation (which works for both Android and iPhone) to compose messages without needing to use the small keyboard on your phone.

Using a texting App can reach your candidates quicker and easier than a traditional email or even a phone call. In today’s world, texting is the preferred communication option that candidates are choosing. In person interviews are still the best way to get a read on the right recruit. Choose wisely!

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