IPA Networking At Its Best

Being part of a split placement network is all about building relationships and working together with fellow affiliates.

IPA is pleased to announce that, in the month of July, two of our network members partnered to successfully close four (4) split placements together.  These two IPA members have built a long-standing and profitable partnership through their network participation over the past several years, but this is the first time they have attained such an outstanding level of split placement activity with each other in only one month.

These placements included…

  • VP Human Resources
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Plant Manager
  • HR Manager

Since placements in the network are split 50-50 between the two recruiting firms involved, with no commission to IPA,  each one of these members is receiving $53,312.50 for their exceptional efforts in making these four placements in July…a significant return on their investment in the network!

Added to their previous placements, so far this year these two members have partnered together for a total of six (6) splits in the IPA network.

This is truly networking at its best!

Learn more about the IPA network and how you, too, can build split-placement partnerships with other independent recruiters throughout the U.S. – http://www.iparecruiternetwork.com/about.php.