How to Keep Second-Place Candidates Interested in Your Company

Every once in a lucky while, you’ll reach the end of the interview process with two candidates who would both make a great addition to your company. While you might have a hard time deciding between them, ultimately something will tip the scales in one candidate’s favor — perhaps one has more experience under their belt, or possesses hard-to-find skills. It can be tough to let that other candidate know that you’ve chosen someone else for the job — but the good news is, you don’t need to let them go entirely.

It’s always beneficial” to nurture relationships with second-place candidates. “‘Second place’ candidates have many times been the one to receive the offer, for a wide variety of reasons — the first place candidate withdraws[…] or the first place candidate doesn’t pass the drug or background check. Also, the next assignment that comes in may fit the second place candidate so nicely they become the first place candidate for the role!

But how exactly can you keep a second-place candidate interested if you don’t have an opportunity for them at the moment? Here are a few of the top tips.

Let Them Down Gently

An interested candidate never wants to hear that they didn’t get the job, but if you message it correctly, you can leave them feeling good about themselves and open to future opportunities. It shouldn’t feel artificially cheery or phony, though — make sure you’re authentic in your response.

If we think the person is a good fit, we make that known. Often, we, or our recruiter, will have a phone conversation with them which goes like this: ‘We had lots of great candidates who applied for the position. We think you would be a great addition to our company, however, [we] have chosen to offer the position to another candidate. Would you be open to hearing from us in the future?

Explain the decision to go with another candidate[…] Offer any interview feedback if needed, but also say it was a tough decision on the team and would love to hire both but just don’t have the budget right now and that you’d [like] to stay close for future opportunities.

If you know a timeline of when that budget might come in, or when a role fitting their experience and skills may open, make sure to share that with them.

Establish Ongoing Communication

HR experts agree that the best way to keep a strong candidate interested in your company is to proactively engage with them.

Follow up with them every few weeks. This is often overlooked because it is cumbersome, but following up with a potential candidate every few weeks can not only keep [them] interested, it can also build their appreciation for your organization.

And of course, keep candidates in the loop regarding new opportunities.

Be Honest on Timing

It’s understandable to want to keep a candidate on deck, but if you’re interacting with them for months on end and have no idea when a relevant position will open, you need to let them know.

That being said, as long as you’re open about what the candidate can expect, there’s nothing wrong with engaging them as long as they’re still interested.

So the next time you have to choose between two stellar candidates, don’t lament having to let open of them go — see it as a valuable opportunity to grow your talent pool.

7 Tips to Becoming a Better Recruiter in 2019

Being a recruiter allows you the freedom to be creative in your profession. Many recruiters love their jobs because they build a world around them — a world of career-minded, driven, money-motivated, and competitive professionals.

The world of recruiting is full of endless opportunities, doors flying open and fulfilling success that you could have never imagined. Perhaps you want to travel the world, build a family or maybe you want to become a subject matter-expert in something you are passionate about.

What Makes a Good Recruiter?
As recruiters, we are gregarious, assertive and curious by nature. A recruiter is essentially a sales person — presenting top talent to leading organizations who are looking for the missing piece of their puzzle. One of our top recruiters in the big data space describes it best: her candidates are so rare she often refers to “finding a unicorn” when she identifies the perfect fit for a role.

If you are strong willed and personable with a passion to succeed, then you have what it takes to get started in the world of recruitment. There is no exact formula for success as a recruiter, it takes hard work, dedication to your industry and of course, you have to earn it.

1. Become a sourcerContact other staffing firms in the area you would like to recruit for and learn the style that they are using. This will allow you to master the screening of resumes, conducting phone interviews, and see how this firm conducts the client interview process.

2. Network on LinkedIn with like-minded people. Join groups relevant to your education, interests and geographical region. Maximizing the number of groups you are in will also maximize your network and you will be able to view and connect with more professionals who are relevant to your desired career path. Many people post available positions to their alumni groups and you then have a direct contact regarding the position.

3. Attend as many networking events as possible. While LinkedIn and career pages make it much easier to apply and learn more about available positions, nothing replaces the power of an in-person intro and exchange of business cards. IPA conferences offer a good networking opportunity. Stay up on your local events via a variety of organizations:


4. Market your agency with a sell sheet. Your resume is undoubtedly a place to sell your work history, but this can also be done on a company wide basis. How many job seekers are “organized?” Break the mold and showcase expertise and personality to really stand out to candidates and clientele.

5. Pick up the phone. Following up with a phone call after you submit a job ad or placement. This will ensure that you are staying front of mind and aren’t throwing your resume into cyber space.

6. Ask for help. You might not know everything about getting into the recruitment industry. Ask questions of people you know who are familiar with the industry, as well as friends of friends who might be able to get in touch with the right person. The IPA Recruiter Network is the perfect avenue!

7. Do your homework. Research companies that have good reputations and are known for hiring people new to the industry.

If you want in, then get in! Get those postings on the RMS to maximize your chance at getting splits. Let’s make 2019 the best yet!

How Promoting a Client’s Company Culture Can Help You Find More Candidates

Have you ever wondered how to get more candidates for job openings, or candidates more suited to the needs of your clients? It can be tough, especially in a market with very high employment, such as the one we’re currently in.

Ah, but there’s a secret weapon. It’s the company’s organizational culture. Culture is what determines whether a workplace is friendly and open or a place where everyone minds their own business. It can determine the degree of flexibility in a workday. It’s reflected in whether people would rather hike on the weekends or binge-watch television. If you create a “cool” culture in the working environment, your way ahead of the game!

You can potentially attract more candidates by focusing on a company’s culture. You’ll need to elicit aspects of the company’s culture from your clients, of course.

Here are three questions to focus on in building awareness of your company’s culture:

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3 Tips You Need to Know About Split Sharing

Split sharing, sometimes called split fee recruitment, is a valuable and productive model used in the staffing business. It’s a revenue-sharing model that builds the network of everyone involved. In split sharing, often one agency contracts recruitment out to other recruiters. The recruitment fee is then split between the recruiters and the agency.  This is one of the greatest benefits of being a member of IPA.  You share in the profits with a partnering agency.  Read our three tips below:

Here are three tips you need to know about split sharing.

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Networking Pays Off in Significant Monthly ROI

Receiving a positive ROI is usually the ultimate goal when making a business investment.  This is no different when being part of a recruiter network.  The goal is for you to make split placements to offset the cost.  In the IPA network, the investment is quite minimal so that the 50% earned from just one (1) split will make your total yearly outlay profitable.

We are excited to announce that, just in the month of October, one of our IPA members had an outstanding ROI on both her monthly and yearly investment having successfully closed three (3) split placements.  It’s great to see the networking involved since she partnered with three (3) different recruiting offices.

These placements included…

  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Director of Operations
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Since placements in the network are split 50-50 between the two recruiting firms involved, with no commission to IPA, this member is receiving $54,500 for her exceptional efforts in placing these three (3) candidates all in one month.  She also earned the honor of being IPA’s #1 Recruiter for October!

One of her October placements has also qualified as IPA’s Highest Placement Fee so far for 2018 with its full placement fee of $57,500!

This is truly networking at its best!

Learn more about the IPA network and how you, too, can build split-placement partnerships with other independent recruiters throughout the U.S. for a profitable ROI –

The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Passive Job Seekers

In today’s job market, with low unemployment and a vibrant economy, recruiters might find the best candidates for open positions by recruiting passive job seekers. Passive job seekers are the folks not actively looking for work. They are satisfied with their current roles. They can, however, be great candidates for your current clients if you can reach out to them.

Why are they great candidates? Well, because they offer a track record of being successful and happy at their current job. That’s attractive to employers, who want successful and content employees.

But recruiting passive job seekers can be challenging, just because they’re not actively looking. Here are some tips on how best to reach out to them.

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IPA Announces New Highest Split Placement Fee for 2018

The month of October saw many outstanding split placements being reported within the IPA recruiter network, but there is one that definitely stood out from all the rest.  It happens to be the new 2018 highest IPA split fee year to date.

It was the placement of a Senior Director of Operations for a total fee of $57,500!!!  The location of the placement was in New Jersey and involved IPA members located in Florida and California.  This is a great example of how networking with recruiters on a nationwide basis can be so rewarding and profitable!

In true IPA network fashion, this fee was then split 50-50 so each member received $28,750 with NO commission paid to IPA!

This is what recruiter networking is all about!

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the IPA network and how you, too, can participate in split placements like this one –

IPA Offers Another Training Webinar as Benefit of Membership

On October 24, IPA offered its fourth complimentary training webinar to network members.  This session,  ‘No’ Really Means ‘Not Yet’ in Recruiting,  was also the second in a row led by Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS – President of Good As Gold Training, Inc. and HR Search, Inc.  True to her stellar reputation, Barb presented another outstanding session full of excellent recruiting information and helpful tips.  She even set aside time during the ‘live’ presentation for Q&A and provided members with an informative handout to go along with the webinar.

For those recruiters who weren’t able to attend the ‘live’ session, a link to the recording is always available via IPA’s members-only website.  In fact, links to the recordings of previous training webinars have been made available to IPA network members as well.

With IPA paying the cost of these webinars, these training sessions are FREE to attend or listen to at a later time so ALL network members are encouraged to take advantage of this great benefit of IPA membership!

Be sure to check out the complete list of membership benefits upon joining the IPA network –

October IPA Member Anniversaries

IPA is honored to be celebrating a number of membership anniversaries within the network during October.   This month these anniversaries range from 10, 17, 19 and 24 years all the way up to 31 years.

The 31-year milestone is for a recruiting firm that is now under 2nd generation leadership.  The father originally brought the agency into IPA membership.  Following the father’s retirement, we are proud to say the son continues to be a loyal IPA member as the next generation owner.  This happens to be just one example of 2nd generation ownership within IPA whether it’s within the same family or was transferred from an owner to a staff member.  However the change in ownership occurred, their IPA membership continues to be seen as a valuable business resource that the new owner has chosen to maintain as part of their present and future success.

The IPA recruiter network was founded in 1972 — 46 years of successful recruiter networking and split placements thanks to its loyal and dedicated members.

Would you like to be part of our long-standing ethical network that recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of its members?  Check out reviews from some of our IPA affiliates –