Why should you join IPA?

As an independent recruiter, it helps to have options and resources to provide better service to your clients and candidates. IPA provides you with helpful tools, free resources, industry discounts, and even higher profits. Here's a quick look at what IPA offers:

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  • IPA's Recruiter Management System (RMS) provides a powerful user-friendly web-based tool for matching job postings and candidate records, as well as unique member services like Auto Searches, Insta-Searches, and ‘Hot’ job listings.
  • IPA is an outlet for placement of your top-quality candidates that you otherwise wouldn't have job openings for... receiving 50% of a fee is better than $0.
  • No commission royalty fees on placement fees paid to IPA.
  • Quality is #1 in IPA - "Quality, not quantity" is IPA's motto.
  • Resource that allows you to utilize 'supplier' recruiters in the network to submit more quality candidates to clients quicker therefore allowing you to work on more job orders, even those that may ordinarily be out of your specialty niche.
  • Communication is also a #1 priority in IPA. Insta-Com news alert is emailed weekly to keep all members informed on day-to-day activities in the network.
  • The IPA Network provides opportunities to work with professional owners/managers nationally.
  • Trust is vital in all networks. Every Member of IPA receives a copy of the IPA Policy Manual upon joining the network.
  • IPA Core Groups are specialty niche groups that are available for members to join if they work that industy a minimum 25% of their time.
  • The highest ethical and professional standards are adhered to in IPA. Disputes between IPA affiliates, if any, are resolved by the IPA Ethics Committee whose decision is final and binding in a court of law - after all facts are confirmed and each party's side is reviewed. Each independent owner signs an arbitration agreement when they are extended membership to IPA.
  • IPA keeps membership and industry core group lists as well as the IPA Policy Manual current at all times with access made available via RMS.
  • IPA "We Care" affiliates are members who assist new members by making themselves available for answering questions, giving advice, etc.
  • IPA is independently owned and the needs and service of all owner/members are a continuing commitment.
  • The annual IPA Awards provide recognition to agencies and counselors for superior achievements in the network.
  • IPA provides a one-time $100 thank-you check to owners/recruiters who refer quality owners to the network following the new member's start date.
  • IPA members receive an email three times per week highlighting newly posted and updated 'Hot' jobs for a quick view of all urgent job orders.
IPA recruiter network
IPA recruiter network